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Intro Letter

I had a neighbor that called me up one night. When I found her she was laying in her bathroom in agonizing pain. Her husband was out of town. I somehow managed to move her to my car and rushed her to the emergency room and watch her cry in pain despite all the morphine in her.

I have had an 18-year-old who could not bear to eat due to extreme pain lay on my table and, not for the first time, appear to be 9 month pregnant with how bloated her stomach was.  I have had so many young men work for me that were constantly running to the bathroom because they had diarrhea or would stay what seemed like hours in the bathroom because they were constipated. I have so many people calling me telling me about the pain in their stomachs and they can’t eat and if they do eat everything they just ate goes right on through them.

So, in October 2016 I was blessed to be able to go to Australia to help a Missionary family from the USA. This family taught me much because they were applying the Budwig Protocol to help their son heal from Lyme and all kinds of Microbes. In this situation, I learned to truly respect the gut and I was also blessed with having the time to study the ways to heal and seal the gut.

This eBook is written for those who are experiencing chronic pain and have tried everything to no avail. So why seal and heal the gut first?

There are 2 very important things about the gut. First off, it gets holes in it. So instead of the body being protected from the toxic white sugar, and toxic white salt, and toxic white flour, and the toxic msg, and toxic chemicals we ingest, the chemicals now freely go throughout the body and cause much inflammation.

To illustrate this concept, if you had a brand new car but all the hoses had tiny holes in it, it would begin to act up one way or another for no apparent reason. You would then keep taking the car back to the shop to work on the mechanical aspects of the car, but never think to fix the holes in the hoses and therefore the car never works quits giving you problems and next thing you know, you’ve lost hope on ever having a properly functioning car.

The second part of healing and sealing the gut is that we need to have good bacteria in the body. The bacteria is like another organ of the body. The good bacteria produces many, many functions that only it can do. So if there are years of eating dead food and consuming antibiotics, then you may as well have given yourself surgery and removed an important organ. So now you are back to the doctors asking them to fix your problem, but they are very rarely successful because you are missing an important organ they don’t know about and now you have tons of inflammation and “some sort” of chronic illness.

So what do you do?

This book is about trying to repair, restore, and return the body back to its original design.
There are some wonderful doctors and health professionals who are trying to teach the masses on this following subject.

My mission is to simplify things for you and introduce you to herbs that have withstood the test of time and are designed to get the body to heal itself. I can help you establish a strong foundation so from here you can hear and apply more information if you need to get your body to heal itself using other remedies or other techniques.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Sara Koch Jernigan, BS, DC

PS: Disclaimer: As a doctor and lover of science, I fully embrace the reality that we never stop learning more and more about the innumerable ways through which the body, in its unfathomable complexity, achieves optimal levels of health. This e-book, as with any scientific theory, could change in a day as we continuously seek to better and refine the truths we see presently. Today, this is what I, as a doctor of 20 years, support. Tomorrow, we could learn something new. That being said, I trust that you will fall in love with it as I have.

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