Step 1

Heal and Seal the Gut  by Fixing the Leak That is Putting the Toxins into the Bloodstream

To start healing any chronic illness, one must have a non-inflamed, non-leaky gut, before you can get the best results from your foods or remedies. If toxins and microorganisms and gluten are passing through the mucosal membrane of the cells of your intestines and getting into the bloodstream, inflammation will occur and chronic illness set in.  
Start by Sealing the Gut. Then it will be like fixing the water pipes instead of just throwing down towels to mop up the spill. On this protocol, we will do this with a good strain of probiotics from Natren and lots of Bone Broth, Flax Seed oil, Aloe and Sole’, Budwig Protocol and a few remedies to help heal and seal the gut.


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